Develop as a Leader

Professional education and training that matters to you, in an informal lunchtime setting.

Build Your Network

Engage on a professional and fun level with locals your age.

Connect to the Community

Stay informed on key issues and establish relationships with area businesses

Young Professionals is for…

team members, independent contractors, and area leaders aged 21-40.

We’re committed to

creating a vibrant, growing business climate through attracting, retaining and preparing the region’s next generations of business leaders and community decision-makers.

We represent…

private companies, nonprofits and entrepreneurs at all stages of their professional journey.

YP is a growing group that businesses and our local government are going to want to work with. By showing a professional demeanor we can build an outstanding name for ourselves and connect more effectively with local organizations. Spencer Hegenbarth

Realtor, RE/MAX First Choice

We are membership-based & volunteer driven

as part of the La Crosse Area Chamber of Commerce.

Members of the Young Professionals Receive

The ability to connect, grow and develop with other young professionals through:

  • Professional training and educational luncheons
  • Opportunities to meet and engage with area businesses
  • Timely information on key community issues and topics relevant to YPs
The YP organization is molding us for a long term influence in the community… through this group, we are creating the habits of volunteering and ongoing growth through new relationships. Christopher Richgels

Realtor, RE/MAX First Choice

Why Pay Money to Join?


Young Professionals of the Coulee Region is more than a networking group. We are uniting to create a vibrant, growing business climate. For a small investment (just over $4 or $9 per month), we can ensure our YPs are committed to this mission.


The approximately $4,800 raised through YPs investments is supplemented by the Chamber to provide consistent behind-the-scenes support, logistical management and communication. YPs can focus on creating unique education and experiences while the Chamber handles the details, accounting, and registrations.

What is YPWeek?

A weeklong platform for discovery, adventure and meaningful conversations about the issues that matter among young professionals in WI. During YP Week we:

  • Celebrated what we love about Wisconsin and why it’s home
  • Connected WI millennials to one another
  • Had dialogue with key employers and community members to develop strategies for retaining millennial workers.

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