You sell your company,

             we sell the community.

Finding your right new hire can be a daunting task. Likewise, moving to a new community for the perfect job can be just as overwhelming for your new hire. Introducing…First Friend!

With the help of our First Friend program, you can focus on finding the best candidate for your company and leave selling the community to us. We serve as the first friends to your potential employees and new hires. We learn what is important to them and their family and provide a customized experience showcasing our community.

Our concierge is knowledgeable, experienced, and dedicated to serving you and your candidates throughout the hiring process and beyond. We successfully transition new hires from all industries and roles, helping mitigate turnover.



Beth Franklin

“I’ve met so many lovely individuals and their families during my five-year tenure serving our region’s employers. I feel truly blessed to welcome newcomers to their new home in Greater La Crosse.”

Beth is our Workforce Strategies Director. You can reach her at

Lauren Harris

I enjoy connecting people with community organizations and community members to ensure that our newcomers feel a strong sense of belonging in the Greater La Crosse Area. I am excited to serve our region’s employers through the First Friend Program!

Lauren is our Community Concierge/Talent Coordinator. You can reach her at


Are you wondering how this program can help your company? Check out this short video that showcases how we work with job candidates and new hires who relocate to Greater La Crosse.

Community Tour | $300

  • Initial hour-long virtual or phone call with candidate/new hire to learn about them
  • 2-3 hour customized community tour
  • 10-15 page customized document containing community resources and links
  • Post-tour follow-up with candidate/new hire
  • Follow-up with company about candidate/new hire (if desired)

Community Tour with School Visits | $325

  • Same elements of the Community Tour listed above
  • Help arrange up to 3 school tours

Building Connections | $75

  • Monthly check-ins during the first three months of relocation process
  • Assist with creating connections to businesses, hobbies, and new friends

First-Year Acclimation | $200

  • Monthly check-ins for a full year after relocation
  • Additional assistance with making community connections

Virtual Tour | $75

  • Hour-long informational virtual meeting
  • Virtual tour of the region and overview of Greater La Crosse
  • 10-15 page customized document containing community resources and links

Welcome Basket from your Company | $100

  • Basket of local products delivered to the new hire’s home shortly after move-in
  • Company-branded items encouraged

Lunch or Coffee | $50

  • Lunch or coffee meeting with candidate/new hire and/or their spouse/partner
  • 10-15 page customized document containing community resources and links
  • Your company pays for meal expenses with credit card on file at restaurant

Accompanying Partner Career Service | $100

  • Connect with spouse/partner to discuss career options
  • Circulate their resume to 300+ area businesses
  • Personal emails/calls to relevant company contacts on their behalf

Newcomer Social Event | $25-$50 per person

  • Send your new hire (and family) to an annual newcomer social gathering


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