First Friend

You sell your company. We sell the community.

The decision to accept a job offer is often influenced by the community and other individuals, such as an accompanying partner.

How well you address these factors outside your business makes the difference between attracting your first-choice candidate or your third.


Enter the Chamber. We sell the community and become their first friend, connecting them once they get here. Separate from a real estate agent, our programs provide next-level first impressions to address cultural needs, community and family.

The First Friend program gives your company a competitive advantage over others courting your candidate by answering their range of personal questions. You focus on the position and company questions. 


Companies create jobs.
Businesses provide services and housing.
We build lives.

Meet the Concierge

Beth Franklin

Beth Franklin

First Friend Concierge

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608.784.4880 x 7

First Friend does what you cannot.

Ask Personal Questions

We will ask the questions companies legally cannot (marital status, children, religion, etc.). These help us understand the needs of all moving to the area, allowing us to connect them to our community assets early in the job screening process. 


Accompanying Partner Focus

Whether they work outside the home or want to get the children connected, the people your recruit brings with them often are the deciding factor. We factor them into the process and will blast their resume out to our Chamber members (a win-win as they need employees as well).

Personal Acclimation

People have a hierarchy of needs once they move to town – food, safety, and a sense of belonging. Connecting with what they love to do and finding friends are vital to keeping your talent in greater La Crosse. We help get them connected to the web of services the Chamber interacts with daily.


The Chamber builds a strong platform of basic and initial psychological needs.
From there, your company builds their accomplishments and potential. 

Menu of Services

Each of the below is offered as a stand-alone product. Combine multiple products to create a one-time or full year of services.

Non-Chamber Members: these services are available to companies that are not members of the Chamber. Please understand that we appreciate all businesses, but particularly those who invest in all that we do. Prices for non-members are double what is shown.  



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