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We unite more than 660 businesses to grow themselves, La Crosse County, and beyond.

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Check out the beginning of our 150th Celebration research.

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More than 680 businesses uniting to grow themselves, La Crosse County, and beyond

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Advocate.  Stop the Premier Resort Area Tax (PRAT) in Madison. Tell the committees considering the PRAT how you oppose it in one quick step.

Learn about the different programs our Chamber offers to save money and build your business. These programs inlcude Office Depot/Office Max, Constant Contact, and Dental/Vision Choice.
Celebrate Entrepreneur Week! Connect with Ryan Johnson (B.A. Burrito, Howie’s, The Old Crow), Kimberly Bentzen-Tabbert (Mainstream Boutique), and Rolan Covert (360 clean). Grow your innovation by thinking like a start-up!
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