Chamber Supports a
$25 City of La Crosse Wheel Tax

No one likes paying more fees.

We expect government to maximize and make tough choices and prioritize the money we give them.

Our Chamber has advocated for more local transportation funding for four years, joining our voices with countless others. It’s not getting through.

Meanwhile deferring maintenance is creating longer-term and more costly solutions. Road construction costs are escalating.

Temporary, local funding solutions are needed to get ahead. The City’s wheel tax is a viable option.

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La Crosse Taxpayers:

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Government isn’t off the hook.

We believe all levels needs to use three solutions to fix our problem.


Increase Local Aid

The state’s shared revenue formula has not kept pace with inflation. Local communities are footing more of the transportation bill. With no movement in Madison or Washington D.C., municipalities and counties are being forced to bridge the gap. Madison and DC, make the tough choice. Provide more local aid for transportation.


We elect community leaders to make tough choices. The face of transportation are our workers trying to get safely to jobs and what they produce can get to market to be sold. Roads are a foundation of our economy. With a solid foundation, we build a great community. Prioritize transportation spending.

Create Temporary New Revenue

New funding must be found. The wait for state and federal funding is now too deep. After budget reallocation occurs and property taxes are better utilized, new funds are still needed.  A sunset clause allows the adjustment or removal of the fee when more is known a few years from now. Create temporary revenue.

The Basics.

What’s a Wheel Tax

Currently, to register a vehicle in the State of Wisconsin, you pay $75. That’s a registration fee.

A wheel tax is a fee that can be charged in addition by a village, town or city *and* a county that can only be used for transportation expenditures. The two wheel tax fees are added to and collected with the registration fee. The funds are restricted to funding transportation.


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