Servant Leadership

About the Program

Servant leadership is a philosophy and set of practices that enriches the lives of individuals, builds better organizations and ultimately creates a more just community and a caring world.

We’re proud to partner with Viterbo University to offer you a renowned two-part servant leadership program. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn servant leadership skills from nationally recognized, in-demand facilitator Tom Thibodeau. The takeaways from each session are timely, practical and impactful.

The program is broken into two sections so you can enter the program at either of the two points – Fall or Spring.


Spring 2019 Session Dates

  • Thursday, March 7
  • Thursday, March 21
  • Thursday, April 4
  • Thursday, April 18

Sessions run from 8:00 a.m. – 11:30 am.

La Crosse Area Chamber 601 7th St N, La Crosse, WI 54601

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Sessions for Spring 2019

    Thursday, March :
    Mission, Vision, Values

    • Creation personal mission statements
    • Purpose, Passion, Performance
    • Building Organizational Strength

    Thursday, March 21: Affirmation and Accountability

    • Employee Engagement
    • Crucial Conversations
    • Creating a Culture of Recognition

      Thursday, April 4: Building Community

      • We are Better Together
      • Primary and Secondary Communities
      • Healthy Teams and Collaboration

        Thursday, April 18: A Servant-Led Culture

        • Reconciliation and Healing
        • Servant Leaders and Ritual Leaders
        • Celebrating Goodness


        Our most acclaimed class! What people are saying …

        “This class provides great insight into the role of servant leadership in our communities & businesses. As a leader it has helped me look more at the impact I have on others & how I serve them rather than the focus being on me.”

        Lori Hortman

        Altra Federal Credit Union

        “Learned more about myself; I can best learn to serve others.”

        Craig Sacia

        Altra Federal Credit Union

        “If you value helping others to achieve your own goals, this is a great opportunity to practice making those changes to your leadership style.”

        Michael Quam

        Marine Credit Union

        “The classes provide an excellent opportunity for self-reflection and self-evaluation. It was also good to share experiences with other members of our community that I may not have had another change to interact with.”

        Karen Kouba


        “I believe everyone could grow in their personal & professional life by attending this class. I had some big ‘aha’ moments I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere else.”

        Brenna Tolzmann

        Altra Federal Credit Union

        “This training is amazing! One of the best investments I’ve made for my career.”

        Amanda Running

        Express Employment Professionals

        “It hard to step away from the busy days with emails piling up, but you’ll be glad you did for this class. Food for thought and practical ways we can become better people, co-workers, and leaders.”

        Scott Ulik

        Altra Federal Credit Union

        “Others should attend this class because it inspires you. It makes you want to be better. It puts you in situations that are uncomfortable-which in turn, helps you grow.”

        Michael Garcia

        1st Community Credit Union

        “Others should attend to help see what they may be missing personally as a leader or how to become a better leader.”

        Kendall Guaunert

        EO Johnson

        “I attended the fall class also and have found both programs to be among the most insightful, enjoyable, and helpful to me personal and professional growth that I have ever taken. I have learned more about myself and my family through the process. I have learned skills that will make me a better employee, manager, spouse, and father.”

        Kevin Strangman

        Altra Federal Credit Union

        “The lessons helped me reflect on the importance of serving others and relationship building.”

        Michele Steien

        Co-Op Credit Union

        “Entry level ownership would achieve satisfying results from attending this class. More than a class, it’s an opportunity to share life’s experiences as individuals in the community.” Joe Skemp

        Modern Crane Service

        “You will learn how to reflect on your path and learn more about who you are, how you got here, and where you want to go. Thi sis what the course gave me and validation that I am successful along with tools to grow more.”

        Jim Svendsen

        Altra Federal Credit Union

        “This class helps you understand what type of a leader you are, not only at work, but in life. A very great class. There are many things that I will be taking back to work with me and implementing”

        Abbey Tibsor

        Salvation Army

        “I found something in every session I can take back to the credit union to help me be a better leader.”

        Kris Goetgha

        Co-op Credit Union

        “Re-change your passion! It helped gain insight, both strength and areas of growth, on how I lead and how I can improve upon being a servant leader.”

        Stacy Mitby

        Salvation Army

        Spring 2019

        Non-Chamber Member
        • Includes all materials 

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