I-90/US 53/WIS 35 (Exit 3) Interchange Reconstruction


Overview of What is Planned:

Livingston to North George Street
  • Narrowing the median and adding in a multi-use path.
  • Raising the road 1-2 feet to get it above the 100-year flood height.
Palace Street Intersection with Rose
  • The entrance to an Eagle Watch Center will be added at this intersection’s west side.
  • Turning lanes will be added on rose to allow for turning onto palace and into the Eagle Watch Center.
George Street to the Interstate
  • The biggest difference is this moves from a “cloverleaf” interchange to a diamond, taking up less space.
  • Northbound traffic will have three lanes: the far left is straight only, the middle lane is straight and right onto I-90, the far right is right turn only onto I-90.
  • Southbound traffic wanting to go East on I-90 will have a lighted intersection to turn left to get on the on-ramp. This on-ramp will merge with north-bound traffic’s on-ramp (similar to current).
George Street from Rose to Kwik Trip
  • The McDonald’s is being relocated (they have purchased homes just south of their current location).
  • Where McDonald’s was will be a lighted intersection. This will become the main entrance for Bridgeview Plaza.
  • A median strip will be put down this stretch, disallowing left turns in all directions.
  • All right turn driveways into businesses along this stretch of road will be removed.
  • Access to Kwik Trip, the hotel and Walgreens is along the road south of Kwik Trip and along the backside, by SSE Music.

Road Closures/Restrictions

  • Rose Street and George Street will be 1-lane each direction (Spring – November 2017)
  • At times Monitor Street and Palace Street may be closed, but never at the same time to all access to businesses.

Important Dates:

March 15, 2017
Public Information Meeting
At AmericInn, 5-7 PM

November 17, 2017
Project Completion

Spring 2018


Contacts for Project:

Michael Bie

WisDOT Southwest Region Communications Manager

(608) 246-7928

Christopher Dahl

WisDOT Project Leader

(608) 792-5809

Robert Winterton

WisDOT Project Manager

(608) 789-7879

Wisconsin Department of Transportation

Southwest Region, La Crosse Office

Southwest Region Coulee Road
La Crosse, WI 54601
Phone: (608) 785-9022
Toll Free: (888) 368-5463
Fax: (608) 785-9969
TTY: 711
Email: swr.dtsd@dot.wi.gov

Signage (Way-Finding):

The DOT and the City of La Crosse have restrictions on signage including sizing. Volunteers with the North La Crosse Business Association and the Chamber are researching options for businesses along this route. There is not clarity right now on how much signage will be allowed. More to come.

Other Department of Transport Projects:

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