Wage Survey

Opportunity for Your Business to Help the Local Workforce

To better support our region’s economic success, the La Crosse Area Chamber of Commerce is partnering with the Eau Claire Chamber of Commerce on their 2017 Wage Survey. This survey reports critical data for our region’s employers and serves as the definitive source of base compensation information for the most common jobs in the area, making it a useful resource in workforce development and talent recruitment. Please review the information below and consider responding by May 20.

You can either fill out the information on an Excel spreadsheet (reduced cost for the report) or use a printable PDF to complete it manually.

Overview of 2017 Wage Survey

Results for all industries will be included in the final report to be published around July 20. Data from the survey is also sorted by five industry break-out groups and reports the 25th, 50th, and 75th percentiles, averages, and sample sizes. All information gathered in the survey is held strictly confidential. All responses are returned to the Eau Claire Chamber of Commerce.

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