Dead End – Lag Pipes

For years, Cross-Connection Surveyors have identified and made removal recommendations for “Dead Leg” potable water piping during non-residential and industrial site visits. A Dead Leg is a section of potable water pipe leading to an outlet which has been removed or is rarely used or unused entirely. For example, if you remove a sink and cap off the end of the piping that once led to the appliance, this creates a piping dead leg allowing  water to stagnate.

Legionella bacteria growth in piping and associated outbreaks are often related to stagnant potable water…Read more from the CDC on Guidance for Building Water Systems  

With many Commercial and Industrial buildings being unoccupied and experiencing reduced water use during the Pandemic Shutdown, aged water problems and Dead Leg Piping become a concern as buildings become occupied again and water use resumes. Buildings such as warehouses, large aging office spaces and industrial manufacturing facilities are common locations that may experience reduced water use and dead leg potable water piping.  These facilities should identify and mitigate piping dead legs, and apply control measures to address stagnant water systems as a result of the current shutdown ( 



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