Chamber Chat: State Bill Highlights

Chamber Notes

From a webinar with Assemblyman Steve Doyle — not to be construed as quotes from him.

Last few weeks have been “intense”. Two houses and parties negotiating what they can live with and present to the governor.

Do have a proposal that is coming out. Agreed upon by the leadership “for the most part” of the two parties. There are things the dems don’t like and repub don’t like – but something the two sides can vote for. Expect some no votes from the Senate. Trying to get as many on board as possible. During a crisis, need to set aside squabbles, it’s not perfect.

Doyle = yes vote.

Overview *but fluid*:

  • 1 week waiting period waived for unemployment = agreement on this – last until Feb 2021
  • Support tourism, ag, retail, services, etc.
    • Discussed special funding for destination tourism – didn’t get
  • Worker’s Compensation for workers who contract COVID-19
  • Extensions for prescription orders – so don’t have to go to the pharmacists – can extend longer. Fewer people coming in.
  • Certified Nursing Assistant bill to lower the training requirement (this will lower this permanently to federal requirements = 75 hours – WI has always been higher than other states)
  • Vaccinations covered through senior care
  • Late property tax payments = no interest or penalties before 8/1/20 IF local government declares a hardship
    • If you are late on a property tax payment and there’s a good reason, law allows now
  • Doyle Bill: For 2020, go to mail-in ballot vs. in-person

ANSWER ON Question: Safer at Home Order goes through April 24 and Can be Extended Past through May 10 through the Governor’s Executive Order. After that, it requires Assembly and Senate approval to extend it. Doyle’s thoughts:

The Governor could create a new order. If the legislature doesn’t like it, they would have to vote down the new order.

THIS IS NOT AN APPROPRIATIONS BILL – due to subject to veto by the governor. Anything beyond federal: no. Some would like to see a bill coming next that has some appropriations.

There is a tendency to want to move money from areas to other areas (ex. education). If that happens, then the governor can line-item and then the entire thing gets opened up.

Q: How will the meeting be conducted:

A: Most will appear via virtual meeting. WI Law says can do it but the presiding officer can see everyone when they do roll call and does a vote. IT TAKES FOREVER! Done on Wisconsin Eye. Senate is faster due to smaller members. First time in the Assembly that there is a virtual vote.

 Q: What is the role of the government in the “reboot” of the economy:

DOYLE: He wants a staged roll-out that is careful and thoughtful. Need to give people a heads up.

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