7 Ways Brick & Mortar Businesses Are Pivoting to Online During COVID-19

Here are 7 ways some of Chicago’s brick & mortar businesses have found to pivot their operations online in response to COVID-19:


  1. Shift from tasting menu to take-out menu (Elizabeth Restaurant)
  2. Create a newsletter with content that people want to get (Lost Lake Tiki)
  3. Keep the show going with a virtual experience (The Annoyance Theater)
  4. Create new opportunities for people to do what they love (CARA & Fleet Feet)
  5. Collaborate with others to create unique products (The Hideout)
  6. Let your audience attend your event from home (Whistleblower Gallery & Tula Yoga)
  7. Deliver the essentials to your customers (VCA Animal Hospital & Beermiscuous)

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