Gov. Evers, Secretaries Address to Business Community

WI Governor Tony Evers

  • Goal is to slow down of COVID-19 and prevent a health care system overrun
  • Social distancing is critical to minimizing impact
  • Businesses have expressed concerns about mental health
  • If we cannot do well with the current plan and it is spreading, “shelter in place” would – “but I believe we can get there before that”.
  • This situation is evolving. He cannot rule out non-essential travel throughout the state being banned, but hopes we don’t get there.
  • “NEED: state and federal legislation to get done what is needed. No time for political gain. Need good legislation for good outcomes.”

Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation Sec. Missy Hughes

Governor asked her to form a task force.

  • They have applied for disaster relief from the SBA. They expect many applications nationally. These are usually 30-year, low interest loans.
  • Created SB2020 – small grant program of $5 million available through financial institutions. Max $20k for two months of expenses (payroll, rent). These will be bridge-funds (until federal funding provides assistance). For 20 or less employees.
  • Looking to work with more community credit unions and banks.
  • Looking to the long-term recovery. It WILL happen.

 Julie Willems Van Dijk, Dep. Secretary of Dept. of Health

  • Now 106 people of 105,000 people who have tested negative. 
  • Dane, Kenosha, Milwaukee have “community spread” – passing from person to person without an identified connection. In early phases, they can show it is via travel or contact.
  • If an individual has COVID-19, isolate them, go home.
  • If you get a report of someone who tests positive, local health dept. personnel will talk to you based on an interview they’ve had with that infected person
  • Just because someone tests positive who is on your manufacturing or office floor, you do NOT need to close down the entire floor. The Health Dept. will ask that those individuals who have had contact with that person to be quarantined.

Caleb Frostman, Secretary, Dept. of Workforce Development

  • Working to remove the one-week waiting period to collect unemployment
  • Waiving the work-search requirement of 4-6 searches for a new job per week
  • This pays for someone who has to be quarantined, gives them benefits.
  • Many of those impacted are hourly individuals with little savings.

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