WMC: Legislative Agenda Highlights Business Impacts in 2019-2021 Budget

La Crosse Area Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Vicki Markussen attended a session held, graciously, at Kwik Trip in La Crosse in which the Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce presented their Legislative Agenda post Governor Ever’s presentation of his 2019-2021 budget. 

 Among their highlights and in some cases, concerns: 


  • The budget increases spending by 8%, representing $1.6 bil in new taxes. 
  • The predominant area of increase is in K-12 education and the expansion of Medicaid to reduce the individuals still not covered.

How the budget is funded (Taxes)

  • Individual* 55% 55%
  • Sales Tax 34% 34%
  • Corporate* 7% 7%

* Only about 10% of businesses pay corporate tax. The remaining, because of their tax structure, pay through individual tax filings (i.e. 90% of business taxes are paid through individual taxes, not corporate)

Where the Funds Are Going (Tax Appropriation)

Amount Area Increase
$7.3 billion School Aids $1.6 bil
$3.3 bil Medicaid Expansion $300 mil
$1.2 bil Corrections $152 mil
$1.1 bil School Levy
$1.1 bil UW System $177 mil
$849 mil Shared Revenue (with counties, municipalities) $280 mil
$531 mil Technical Colleges