Governor Walker Visits La Crosse Chamber on Foxconn

Gov. Walker talks FoxConn in La Crosse, benefits to businesses

Local businesses could provide supplies

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – The benefits of the potential FoxConn plant was the focus of a local visit Tuesday from Wisconsin’s governor.

Governor Scott Walker visited the La Crosse Chamber of Commerce this morning to explain how businesses in La Crosse could contribute to the proposed plant in South East Wisconsin.

Walker talked about how the construction of the plant would likely need help from companies across the state, and how FoxConn operations would require a large amount of supplies.

“That’s why we’re creating a new supply chain marketplace to harness all the different companies that are here, as well as all the others that might start up out of businesses and even out of graduates from the UW system and other colleges and universities,” said Governor Walker.

Governor Walker also says an analysis from the University of Wisconsin shows the FoxConn plant is expected to create four dollars for every state tax dollar invested.