Affordable, Quality Rental Housing Needs Community Regroup

An observation that the YP Housing Task Force is two years behind work already occurring in the community has the Chamber connecting with outside groups working on housing issues.

Young Professionals identified affordable, quality rental housing as a gap area during a visioning session approximately seven months ago. A group of developers, realtors and young professionals is working on addressing the need.

While desirable amenities were identified in a prior session, the group moved to creating a survey that would identify the gap between what is available and what they want (including what they want to pay). It was recognized that student housing is a major driving factor in our housing market.

But … sometimes the insight to initiatives happen outside of the meeting. A developer pointed out the large amount of rental housing for YPs being built in outlying areas, some realtor members of the group stated that once someone moves out of La Crosse it is rare they move back in, and there are also groups trying to work with the City of La Crosse to meet YP housing needs.

An article in the Winona Post also identified the Winona Chamber is having similar conversations.

Chamber Executive Director Vicki Markussen will connect with all of the groups working on this issue to identify the role of the YP Housing Task Force moving forward that aligns with gap areas.

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