Your Personal Brand is the Experience People Expect From You

Know who you are as much as you should know who you are not and then make sacrifices for it, Johnny Brevik (Marketing & Training at LHI) told Young Professionals at their monthly meeting August 5, 2015.

Brevik spoke on creating a personal brand that ” is an expectation people have of what they will experience with you. You do not have a choice in it. It is a judgement made on perception.”

He offered these tips:

1) Be authentic. Knowing who you are builds confidence and credibility.

2) Showcase what makes you special. It is how, just like in marketing, you differentiate yourself.

3) Leave your mark. By knowing who you are, you become an expert in it. People will begin to target you because they know what you bring to the table.

8) Know what you’re not good at and find people who can support you in that area.

9) Focus on what you’re good at it. Highlight it. Develop it. Let yourself be lazy with other things so you can be good at what you want to focus on.

To get there, Brevic provided a self-assessment with adjectives of what you’re good at. He recommends:

1) Having others provide you with feedback (360-review)

2) Developing a narrative to talk about yourself with others.

3) Keep your personal brand in mind and filter your actions to feed it.

Most importantly — don’t forget your roots, be realistic, circle back and self-assess, and of course-correct if you’re not where you want to be.

Young professionals build your brand with credibility — be trustworty, consistent, walk the part, and look the part. Everything you do should match your brand.