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the Government Advocacy Committee is fellow volunteers dedicated to improving public policy for the region. They attend monthly meetings and will engage our federal, state and local elected officials on a range of issues important to business leaders.

Our Position

As the largest business voice for Southwest Wisconsin, the La Crosse Area Chamber of Commerce works to create and sustain a favorable environment for all businesses. We take positions on issues at the municipal, county, state, and federal levels that impact the vitality of the business community, while maintaining a non-partisan position. We challenge our elected officials to be responsible stewards of public resources and to invest in programs and policies that will enable our region to prosper with an exceptional quality of life.

Our member-driven advocacy efforts are guided by the following principles:

  • We promote collaboration to solve issues in the public, private, and non-profit sectors and feel diversity is a key ingredient to success for the region.
  • We support a regulatory and tax climate that is conducive to making the La Crosse area competitive in attracting business expansion and fostering the growth of new and existing business of all sizes.
  • We believe our region needs strategic, forward-thinking policies and programs that stimulate economic growth, create jobs, and attract a high-quality, diverse workforce.
  • We support government entities that are efficient, cost-effective, and responsive to business needs.
  • We support sustainable funding for building and maintaining infrastructure and amenities to achieve an incomparable quality of life in the La Crosse area.

Our Advocacy Events

The Forum

Formerly known as the “Cracker Barrel”, this monthly event unites businesses with our state legislators to talk about what is up for vote and being discussed in Madison that month.

Held the second Monday of every month at 7:30 a.m. at the Chamber.

Oktoberfest in the Capitol

GOAL: Annually travel to Madison to be the voice of business

Every October a group of Chamber members travels to Madison to take our La Crosse voice and concerns to our state elected officials.

Save the date: October 10th 2018

DC Fly In

GOAL: Annually travel to Washington, D.C. to be the voice of business

Approximately eight individuals travel to Washington, D.C. with the Chamber in early May to bring our local issues to elected officials.

Links to Resources

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A non-partisan nonprofit that promotes good government and research since 1932.


Mayor’s wheel tax plan has some backing from Chamber of Commerce

La Crosse mayor Tim Kabat's proposed plans for a new wheel tax in the city to fix roads has the makings of a very contentious and divisive issue. But he has supporters for the plan — maybe none more prominent than the La Crosse Area Chamber of Commerce....

Kind to host roundtable on rural economy

U.S. Rep. Ron Kind will host a rural economy roundtable to discuss how recent U.S.-imposed tariffs are affecting area businesses at 10 a.m. Thursday at the La Crosse Area Chamber of Commerce at 601 Seventh St. N. Pause Current Time0:00 / Duration Time0:00...

La Crosse Regional Companies Talk Tariffs to Cong. Kind

Businesses to Congress: Tariffs Hurt. Some Say, "Bring it On!" Agriculture, manufacturing and distribution companies gathered at the La Crosse Area Chamber of Commerce to tell Congressman Ron Kind that they've felt the tariffs. A few followed...

2018 DC Fly-In Highlights

7 Things We Learned During our DC Fly-In The saying "Rome wasn't built in a day" should be rephrased "Our federal issues are not conquered in a year, or two, or three." What keeps us going, however, is that we do have success over time. Our DC Fly-In always teaches us...

2018 County Board Questionnaire

Questionnaire Answers For La Crosse County Board To better inform La Crosse Area Chamber of Commerce members and voters, we are asked candidates running for contested county board seats to complete this questionnaire on topics important to our business...

2018 County Board Race Mentions Chamber

from the La Crosse Tribune Why do you want to serve? Ferris: Since being elected in 2010 to serve the constituents in District 16, I remain committed to being fiscally responsible with county taxpayers hard-earned money while providing valuable...

What is good for Wisconsin is good for La Crosse

Please find below the text of the speech given by Vicki Markussen, La Crosse Area Chamber Executive Director, in Madison.  Thank you for your time today. I am Vicki Markussen, the exective director of the La Crosse Area Chamber of Commerce. Today I bring the voice of...

Hwy 53 Visioning

Master Plan for Key Development Pockets With the help of Chamber investors, Chamber Executive Director Vicki Markussen is one of several individuals representing the voice of businesses, residents, developers and others as a master plan for Highway-53's corridor (and...

PRAT Next Steps

A group of organizations and individuals interested in defeating the Premier Resort Area Tax (PRAT) at the state level met to discuss strategies. A campaign engaging our investors is planned and will be launched shortly. PRAT passed during the April elections as an...

2017 DC Fly-In Highlights

The Chamber takes your voice to Washington D.C. and demonstrates the local impact of government’s votes and actions on our community and our businesses. After advocating in DC for a long period of time, the Chamber has built a great reputation and will continue to...

2016-05 Overtime for Salaried Employees

We heard you and we took your concerns to Washington D.C. last week. The La Crosse Area Chamber of Commerce argued that proposed thresholds for paying overtime to all employees earning less than $52,000 were too high, too fast, and too impactful. Small businesses and...

County Administrator, Chair Give State of County Update

May 2016 • The Forum Steve O'Malley (County Administrator) co-presented with Tara Johnson (La Crosse County Board Chair) on where expenditures are occurring in the County, where La Crosse County is doing well and much more ...

Chamber Weighs In on Tourism Bill

The La Crosse Area Chamber, on January 25, 2016, contacted our area's Wisconsin representatives in support of Assembly Bill 714 and pending Senate Bill 578. The bills would fix legislation passed this past summer that had significantly impacts rural Chambers that also...

Tell Us Your Transportation Needs

With more than $139 million in transportation projects happening in the next 10 years, the DOT needs to hear your needs. The La Crosse Area Chamber of Commerce united more than 80 business leaders at an informational and feedback session with the Wisconsin Department...

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